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Cookie Approval Control

Due to the new EU cookie laws that have taken effect since May 2011 you need to let users of a public website know that cookies are in use on your site.

Generally speaking Cookies for authentication are not included in this but check here to see if your site needs to display this notification. For instance using any analytics service like Google Analytics would require you to notifiy the user and get their consent.

This control that displays to each user a message that cookies are in use on the site.



The user can click Confirm Cookies and this will store a confirmation cookie on the users machine. When this cookie is set the message will not be displayed the next time the user visits.

The Title, Message Body, Confirm Click Text and cookie name are configurable via central administration.

The Install is provided as a WSP file and is activated per Web Application.

No changes are required to master pages or layout pages the control is automatically injected to each page.

July 2012

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