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After the solution is installed browse to

SharePoint Central Administration General Application Settings

Select Cookie Notification Message



Configure the Control Settings

Cookie Name Configure this if you require control over the cookie stored on the users machine. Otherwise leave as the default
Notification Message – Message Title This text will be displayed in bold at the top of the page
Notification Message – Message Body This is the main text displayed
This does accept HTML so hyperlinks can created that can link to information pages
Confirm Cookies Link Title The text displayed on the confirmation link
Enable the notification control If this is checked the control will display.
If unchecked it will not display.
The default is unchecked.
Debug Mode Check this when you need to test the text of the control on the SharePoint pages.
It will cause the page to display regardless of the cookie being set.


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stevetdunn Jan 29, 2013 at 8:53 AM 
Is it possible to change banner colours? We would like to deploy this across different branded sites.